(Journal #1) 1st Day of Class

November 9 2015, our first day of class in Information Management. We’ve meet our instructor Professor Arvin F. Villodres, my first impression about him when he entered the classroom is he is a strict instructor the he wouldn’t joke around or laugh in the class, but first impression never last. During the introduction, Prof. Arvin ask us what is information management and also told us the real meaning of information management. After telling us what our subject is all about he told the class that he is here to teach us not to inspire us because’s that our parents, friend or if you had a girlfriend or a boyfriend job, that he is our boss and we are here employee. As the class end he told us that we have to do a blog site wherein we will write our journal each meeting and post our assignment for him to check in the blog site that we will make. He also told us to read the book The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman and have given us our first assignment, to find 5 social networking tools that should be different/unique from the other class that he is teaching also IM. Explain each social networking tool and write what have we learned in each social networking tools.

-Take this subject seriously


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