(Journal #3) 3rd Day of Class

November 16 2015, our third day of class in Information Management. The continuation of our discussion in the Fundamentals of Business and Management, Prof.Villodres discussed the Evolution of Wealth that is categorized into 3 era. First is the Agricultural Era, wherein people during this era are hard-working people (farmers). Because more work by bare hand is allotted during the Agricultural Era. Second is the Industrial Era wherein machine is mainly use in the industry. Makes the work done easily but still needs to be controlled by an operator (worker). Lastly the Knowledge Age wherein knowledge is the basis of work. Information, Invention and innovation is sold and things in this age is more simpler, easy to understand and to do. Also Prof. Villodres discussed the  The New Economy and its indicators which are the Industrial and occupational change, Globalization, Dynamism and competition and IT revolution which is very connected to the book “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman. In my opinion the discussion tends to show us the changes that happened in the past and until now.

Change is Inevitable, Progress is Optional

-Tony Robbins



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