(Journal #5) 5th Day of Class

During are discussion Prof.Prof. Arvin discussed the Aligning IT with Business Strategy wherein there is a process and it is the Alignment process which have 9 parts:

  1. Understand the business
  2. Acknowledge the culture
  3. Know the IT estate
  4. Discover the value chain
  5. Interpret the context
  6. Determine the change
  7. Chart the technology road map
  8. Plan the work Programme
  9. Populate the delivery framework

Only the first four process were tackled due to lack of time.




Understand the Business. Either your the boss or an employee you should know the all the components,o process and the other part of your business. Information should be documented formally and informally. This serves as your book of reference to know the business that you are in and it will make you a better boss or a better employee.

Acknowledge the culture. Knowing the culture of your organization will help avoid doing mistakes not only that you will also be able to understand the internal and external part of your business,knowing what are the key of success of that organization or the organization that you are in successful. There is Organization Cultures for IT Culture: Simple Structure, it is the the two-way exchange of information or data between the staff and the top level management. Management by exception, the lower position must try first to solve the problem until it reach the higher position if needed. If the lower position can solve it don’t escalate it to higher position anymore. Professional bureaucracy, standards and operational procedures are determined by external professional bodies. Project team, organic teams, matrix management, formal and informal liaison between teams and members, it was all about the teams of different management.

Know the IT estate. Knowing what are the assets/IT assets that you have in your organization. Too sum it up this part tells you what are the components that build your IT Department of your Organization.

Discover the Value chain. Identify and document the relationships/touch-points between business and the IT estate. Primary Activities: Inbound logistics (Supplier), Operations (Production), Outbound logistics (Deliver), Marketing and Sales (In charge on getting a customer and putting up sales), After sale service (Feedback). Support Activities: Firm infrastructure, Human Resource Management (Human Capital), Technology Development, Procurement (Purchase).

Aligning IT with Business strategy can help an organization be successful in what ever they are doing. This will serve as there organizations foundation in having or obtaining success now and even in the future of there people and there organization.