Journal #8

Data Warehousing

The lesson in Information Management that is confusing to understand. We had a hard time in learning the concept of Data Warehousing but after the discussion on it we had understand it but not totally all of it.

Enterprise Data Warehouse is a system used for reporting and data analysis Data Warehouse are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. They store current and historical data and are used for creating analytical reports for knowledge workers throughout the enterprise. Examples of reports could range from annual and quarterly comparisons and trends to detailed daily sales analysis.The data stored in the warehouse is uploaded from the operational systems (such as marketing, sales, etc., shown in the figure to the right). The data may pass through an operational data store for additional operations before it is used in the Data Warehouse for reporting.

Unstructured Data are data that is needed to be put into a proper place. So you can find data easily unlike before they are hard to find due they are not compiled properly.

Analytic s is defined as the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making better decisions. Analytic s help one organization to decide what should be the next step and the decision should be taken. There are three types of analytic s namely descriptive analytic s, predictive analytic s and prescriptive analytic s.

Descriptive analytic s talks all about what is being summarized by this data and describe and try to create a picture with the data.

Predictive analytic s talks about how the data is being use by forecast by the word itself prediction wherein you’re predicting something within the data.

Prescriptive analytic s combine the idea of predictive and descriptive analytic s in order to optimize, maximize and create decision.



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